Turkey Shoot

- 12/9/2018

We are glad to bring back the Turkey shoots.
As of now it will be every other Saturday. .
As of Dec 9 2018 we have the following rules.
Gun specifications:
*12 gauge
*Field Grade Guns with screw in chokes
*No poly chokes or sleeved barrels
*No more than 36in barrel length
*Barrels or chokes inside diameter no less than 0.675"
*Chokes shall not extend more than 2" from barrel
*Scopes or open site shall be allowed
House Rules:
*Ammo will be provide and must be used
*All guns will be choke checked before the first match and may be rechecked at anytime
*All guns brought to the shoot must be placed on the rack
*Any gun in the rack are considered house guns and maybe used by anyone
*Any discrepancy with a card must be brought to a judge prior to the next rounds first shot.